I started writing in the blog to improve my writing skills. Then I got a turn for 180 degrees and thought that this is good opportunity to improve my English skills as well. In addition, I was going to take an English exam. So it was a good idea definitely. Hence, I wrote a lot of letters, essays and all other exam stuff. But for my blog, I haven’t written much since then. I have but only a few posts a month.

For the past two years, I understand one simple thing. It fell down like a bomb to me. The writing isn’t a problem in general. I can write. My wife can write. My friends can write. People whom I am reading on the internet can write. The complicated point here to get feedback. Seems pretty simple, isn’t it? It took two years to get this extremely simple point, huh. At least I am a winner in “the longest time to understand the simplest point”.

On the internet, you can get coverage of millions of people. You can write for millions of people. But it’s worth nothing. No, I mean literally it’s perfect to let you feel better, type faster, but no more. All of that is exclusively in my humble opinion. Due to some work reasons, I got a situation where I should speak more in English. I feel comfortable. But again no feedback – no worth. I asked my colleagues, my wife, my friends. They always tell me directly that I’m wrong in this and that. It’s helpful. I searched expressively in the google “writing feedback” but found nothing.

So I decided to overcome this issue. I’ve started using grammarly. I’ve started reading articles about writing. Though, it still takes time to understand what I’m doing wrong. I read my posts, I read my mails. They are perfect. But give them just to a bit experienced people to read and they have found out something wrong. It can mean only two things:

  • or people who read my writing output always better than me (statistically wrong)
  • I missing some points like others do usually (statistically clear).

Another idea to improve yourself is regular self-reflecting. You should assess your day, week, month, your activities and inactivities. Hence this post was a round of writing self-reflection. Thank you. I have no idea what to do next, how to get proper feedback but I know at least what I need.