Last week I learnt 2 things:

  1. Most people don’t know how to write there/their/theirs/there’s their’s in a right way
  2. If you going to remember something after reading you should stop every paragraph, remember main points and realize these points.

First thing is easy to understand. Therese very similar pronunciation for all of them and a lot of people just have never thought how to do it right.

Second one has come to me from a book about improving reading skills. It’s in Russian but I think it should be mentioned: Павел Палагин: Скорочтение на практике: Как читать быстро и хорошо запоминать прочитанное Author claims that reading skill are combined from 5 different skills.

  1. Viewing
  2. Aim
  3. Attention
  4. reading
  5. Memorizing

If you can achieve better results in each of them then you will get better results in reading. For instance, memorizing texts improves your reading skill because you’re not reading same text twice.
This idea follows me last few days. This idea is simple. When I go step by step through book I find more and more which is very similar to my thoughts, but I couldn’t realize what they are. I hope that author doesn’t mind that I put the most important points from book to my posts.