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Хей. Я вот думал думал, че вообще происходит, и ничего не надумал. Ну точнее как, я в какой-то момент обнаружил, что мне есть много че сказать, но на любом языке, оформить это в пост tyajelovato. Read more…

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I bought a new keyboard. That keyboard is Ergodox-EZ (shine version). Delivery was something about a week. Guys from Ergodox told me that it due to personal assembling of the each keyboard and QA as Read more…

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So, let’s continue blogging about my PowerShell tools. I’m browsing throughout my corporate network using PowerShell mostly. The biggest problem with this approach is that when you go to the network share (by UNC path) Read more…

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