Welcome, you are on my personal website. I’m here to give you brief about my day-to-day life. I’m building software (using ASP.NET mostly), do devops (vsts or teamcity + powershell), and write (not quite often) about my personal inspiration and exciting topics.

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Опять на русском

Хей. Я вот думал думал, че вообще происходит, и ничего не надумал. Ну точнее как, я в какой-то момент обнаружил, что мне есть много че сказать, но на любом языке, оформить это в пост tyajelovato. Read more…



I bought a new keyboard. That keyboard is Ergodox-EZ (shine version). Delivery was something about a week. Guys from Ergodox told me that it due to personal assembling of the each keyboard and QA as Read more…


Writing problems

I started writing in the blog to improve my writing skills. Then I got a turn for 180 degrees and thought that this is good opportunity to improve my English skills as well. In addition, Read more…