There are a lot of silent letters in English. I was close to say too many but list of those is not very long. Whole list you can find at many places on the Internet. I found this one.

I have noticed that Russian speaking people have a specific accent with strong and loud pronunciations of some sounds. Like h in how. Russian natives usually pronounce it like kh. But what is astonishing for me is a pronunciation of calm or climb. There’s not l in calm and is not b in climb. One more word which I use to hear everyday is receipt. There is not p! OMG!

Russian language is bit simpler than English for that case. It has rule which defines how to check word spelling. In oral language you possibly won’t notice that there’s one more letter. It’s really difficult I swear. I tried with счастье and солнце. That becomes important only in writing. But receipt! The sound p changes word completely!!

That’s my third list of English words which should be just remembered.

  1. Irregular verbs
  2. Extreme adjectives
  3. Silent letters
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