Disclaimer: this post is a bit funny and, please, do not count it very serious.

Just to be clear – I’m not a proud citizen of Russia and I complain a lot. Usually, I complain about lots of Russian specific customs and features. Alcoholism, rednecks, and stupid laws and rules are my favourites.

So my wife and I lost a luggage. Maybe it more likely that I am alone responsible for the lost. We were in the duty-free shop, buying some stuff for kids. I mention the duty-free shop to let you understand that we already crossed the border. Those kids started creating a mess around. Like that mess when you prefer to run away from the place where you are. Just now. Run away. So did we. Then we had some coffee and snacks, bought a sunscreen lotion, and were waiting for the flight. And apparently discovered that our bag is lost. We came back to the same shop. They told us that they had called security already. Ok, no problem. We went to information table for information about security and our bag. We got this information.

  1. They came with sniffing dogs
  2. Took our bag away
  3. Crossed the border
  4. Put in last and found

Sorry, waaat??

Yes, that’s right. Crossed the border. And yes you can’t get it back without crossing the border again. Just did information, your flight is after 30 minutes. Cross the border. I asked them is it a joke. No, it’s not. Only one option which we have is to cross the border and take a boarding pass again. But registration was already closed and it’s impossible to take the pass again.

I know that we are in charge of missing the bag. However, I think there are a lot of things to improve in Russia. That procedure is one of them.

Future advice: tie your luggage to you. Even you are a sane person and think that something can happen.