I bought a new keyboard.

That keyboard is Ergodox-EZ (shine version). Delivery was something about a week. Guys from Ergodox told me that it due to personal assembling of the each keyboard and QA as well.

It’s really awesome, but the problem is that it forces using 10-fingers typing. I don’t mind to type by 10 fingers when I am already used to. However, I’ve accidentally found that my typing manner far away from 10 fingered. Hence, last few weeks I am trying to get these fingers in the right places and it’s almost impossible (facepalm). My habit is to put them straight there where I want to put and doesn’t matter that it’s not proper location. My colleague told me that I will manage that in a few weeks because he had the same problem. So, probably after few weeks, I’ll be a typing ninja but for now, it looks like my grandma starting her first lesson “acquaintance with a PC”.