Today is a day when I ask myself “why did you miss too many times when you can post you notes?” and answer is I don’t know!) Couple weeks ago while I was coming home from gym, I wrote a note about my struggling choosing gym. The reason why I didn’t publish it yet is it’s not too much polite.

There’s a quite big issue to find good gym. I tried 3 gyms. My main aim was find the gym with sauna less then 200 aed price per month. First gym which I visited was gym the nearest to home. Everybody there was urdu/hindi speaking only, but I had chance to understand because they didn’t speak with me at all. Just only see at me like man which is lost. That’s why I didn’t have desire to be there more, but I gave that gym one more chance and ask them for sauna :

-Do you have sauna here?
-Yes we have for sure
-is it working?

Did you see “Waaaatman”? Here you’re:


Second gym was better.

But showers were, oh, wait, was ( only one) beside toilet. Somebody sit there and doing his own business there (I’m not sure that this action has the same euphemism in English, but hope you understand) and sometimes ask for help because he can’t manage the process. Oh well. That’s it for this gym. All things except that was usual.
My last gym doesn’t have the problem with toilet business besides showers for two reasons. First there’re multiple working showers. Second: toilet doesn’t have locker. No locker – no toilet business, no problem. What is wrong with my last gym? everything good, but showers. There’re 4 showers. Two are mini showers, just like tap with hose and whole in floor. There’s no place for put shampoo, no place for towel. But it’s working and if you don’t have any other options it’s ok. Another two showers are full sized. And there is one problem for both full sized showers: showerhead is not fixed to position, it always fells down. I found the solution!


As you see it’s plastic bag, it fixes showerhead to position. And what is the most funniest thing that it’s there for a long time and changed for new by somebody.

What is my primary requirements for gym?

  1. Normal, fully functional showers
  2. Sauna
  3. At least one of those cardio machines elliptical, bicycle, running
  4. Fresh drinking water
  5. No odour

And that’s difficult! Whats wrong with that? Completely nothing. I think it’s just because not too much high competitive market. Because in Russia there’re too many gyms with very very good conditions, with very small price and with good people there.
P.S. I’d smbd know good gym below 300 aed at Abu Dhabi island, pls let me know!

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