This post was expected to be personal and just to tell the world my pain. I tired and wanna sleep. Step by step would be there. Meanwhile, I have done a lot of steps without paying attention to details.

that’s okay, things are going to be okay

I’m feeling myself struggling with setting up Vim as Python IDE when I don’t know python very good and vim in deep.

Every step on the way I found that gap in knowledge of Python and its common tools. Of course, if you are using IDE it’s much easier to learn new languages. Just click click click PAW. You’ve written your program. Great success. But if you don’t that is the hell. Probably, it’s not for everyone as terrible as it is for me. But I know .NET stack. I believe that I know. Moreover, I believe that I know how is it working inside.

We, humankind, made a leap in technologies last twenty years. But I personally stuck with “run this damn script like it supposed to be right and I don’t care about the underlying things”.

By the way, about technologies. Have you tried to look closer at javascript? Or typescript? Or node.js? Or any other js tool? It’s the same problem there. If you wanna start an app just type this and that, and everything will be okay. Although, it’s a quick start real immersion is difficult. My mates and I are keen to mark two big problems in js learn-and-run way: js and attempts to fix it. When first was developed without reasonable architecture planning, the second became actual when most smarter-than-95% developers have been trying to heal js.

Finally, I’ll have a well-integrated development environment, I swear. But I haven’t expected that so many things required to be done from scratch.