I should say couple of words about node.js (hi haters!). Whole my developer’s life I use to code only strongly typed languages like c#, tsql or java (not too much actually). It was a cold usual winter day when I decided to create something on js with node.js platform. My colleagues encourage me to use it because it flexible, simple and trendy. It was mistake. You can use it, I don’t mind, but it’s not that I feel my really.
You know this jokes about weakly typed langs?
-Or, mate, if you’re using weakly typed langs, what are you doing whole day? Debugging??
It’s funny but true.
Or that great problem of node.js: somebody push broken commit into small simple plugin and too many projects all over the world failed on build. Waaaat?????

It’s really true.See: How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript. Nuff said.

ba dum tss

And I could go on about weak points of node.js and all about javascript infrastructure, but there is too many examples when js is the best. Did you see the community of js developers? I think if they were more aggressive they could start WW3 and won! Too many people participating in developing, investigating, featuring, coupling, distributing and researching in js world. And as a result of that become such things like npm – the easiest package manager which I ever used, or grunt – also very easy and simple tool (don’t tell me gulp is better – I know,know!). With node.js I opened a world full of convenient tools to build and distribute your application.

There are:

What do you think about? Very impressive list, isn’t it? And tools and services which I learnt when I was developing my pet project:

I’m not gonna say that all of this services become popular only because javascript (especially bootstrap, lmao ). What I understand when I had that experience there is a very high speed when you’re using js/node.js . Too many frameworks, too many tools, too many opportunities to do something special. I guess it definitely was.

I started this post with main idea to compare all cloud platforms to create you app and where you can rollout your app without pay a pence and finished up with my emotions about js world. Okay, stay tuned, I’ll try again