Do you know that kind of crazy geeks who’s buying keyboards for hundreds dollars? Let me introduce myself – crazy geek who’s buying overpriced keyboards. Since my first own keyboard I’m not able to say myself “Oh, mate, don’t do that!”. But my wife is. She always has deal broker in this question.
-Honey, I’m gonna buy keyboard for hundred dollars, what do you think about that?
-OHRLY? Don’t do that, let’s go shopping and buy something for our son.
And we go..
Accidentally, I had success in that.
-Oh, honey, I’m gonna buy new keyboard for work, it costs 120$, plus delivery charges about 30$, and it will be my birthday.

However, I aimed to new one. Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. That guy who named this keyboard is a genius. Ultimate. Hacking! I wanna buy at least by name!
My first keyboard is Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800.
Still in good condition, however, it’s replaced by used very old Dell keyboard from work. In Russia, people are typing with russian letters. And if there is no any russian letters on keyboard, they can decline using it. There are not too many people who have blind typing. At my former work were couple of top managers who were english speaking only. Our IT-guy use to buy keyboards without russian letters, and when english speaking only managers left, these keyboards were throwing in one big drawer with no hope to be used.
And here I saw that. I asked IT-guy can I take this keyboard? He was gonna give more than one, but I took only one. I don’t know particular model, but it’s very nice. Keys are soft, typings are strong, layout ANSI, two additional USB ports. It’s very old model and it add some extra feelings. For example, USB ports are 1.0 version and you feel that somebody too many years ago typed with that keyboard some code, or released new order.
Now I have Thinkpad Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpoint (red dot), and my old dell keyboard works fine for my colleague and he charges his phone in additional usb ports. Why I bought thinkpad keyboard? Mouse! I hate it! Move hand to mouse, move hand to keyboard, move back, move back, arghhhhhhhhh…… But reddot isn’t panacea. Still stupid workflow. And guys from Ultimate Hacking Keyboard invent two the greatest things which I ever see:

  • Mouse layer
  • Trackpoint extension

But 340$!!!


I don’t know, oh let me see calendar, when my next birthday?