Okay, Google, what I have to say that I fell in same situation as my earlier attempts to start blogging. What happened for now: I lost my interest to blogging, because I lost my active interest (I don’t know how I can explain it in another words) to learning English. I mean that I got some courses, here, in Abu Dhabi. It was horrible. No, I don’t try to accuse my tutor in lack of skill, but I should be ready to very different levels of English in my class. It was guys who have big (I mean really big) problems in their colloquial skills. And it was very boring. Also, I slept enough when teacher had gone somewhere to do anything except my class for more than 10 minutes. Oh my god, it was strange. And now, I decided that I must acquire my English interest again through books, TVs magazines, etc. I got a book about agile. If you played in Heroes: Might&Magic, you should now this common joke: astrologist conduct new predictions, stupid posts about agile increased by 10%. I could write incorrect quote, I haven’t played in HMM in English (I just haven’t had such CD).
Okay, google, that’s it for today, see you next time

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