I haven’t been on vacation for one year. Year before we spent two weeks in a trip over the ocean and that’s all that I have for two years. Since my last vacation, I’ve tired mentally and decided to spend whole days behaving like this:

So, while I was on my digital vacation without laptops and PCs, SSL certificate on my site got expired. Almost. I made a reminder in my calendar to renew but didn’t leave any details how to do that. After terrible night without sleep, I started remembering how to renew certificate on Let’s Encrypt. When I created SSL on my site, I figured out how to create required files on the openshift’s node from a third or fourth attempt. These steps are pretty simple if you know the structure of the deployment on openshift. >_<

But if you don’t this is a stupid stepping one by one over and over again. For example, wordpress deployment is located at following path:


Therefore, when you stepped down to this directory you can do all that LetsEncrypt’s certbot asks you to do.

By the way, don’t make anything that you can’t debug tomorrow.