My friend suggests me reading Hacker News instead of Russian speaking IT community And he is right because it’s a great source of useful information. Today evening I read that If you don’t finish then you’re just busy, not productive

And that’s amazing. It’s all about concentration. Focusing and attention. Have you ever thought that concentration skill kids train while they are growing?  I haven’t heard about that until I found that gap between my level of this skill and level of this skill of others can be reduced. If kid who has the gap in emerging this skill, emerging slower than their’s peers, pediatric can decide to use Deficit of Attention Syndrome as cause. But in Russia I haven’t heard that anybody has that syndrome. That doesn’t mean that anybody hasn’t. 

I guess too many people can improve theirs ability to solve problems just by train focusing skill. 

First – get rid of open office. I was sure that open offices increase your productivity, multiple ways of collaboration, cross your ideas with colleagues solutions and vise versa. Bullshit. Loud noise. Aggression because you can’t get that task finished for a long time. 

-could you help me?


-do you have free time? 


-did you see this movie? 


Then get you task visible.  List, board, to-do, etc. What’s working for me is trello and many many lists. 

There’re not new information. Any gtd post or book or site gives you the same points. But what is new that concentration is a skill that can be trained. Train it. That’s my aim for 2017.